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People and the Organisation

Ever heard this demotivating comment? "Our people are our most important asset!" If more people spoke their minds, perhaps it would not be thrown about so glibly.

I am sure you would say:

  • "Then why do I feel the opposite?"
  • "Why don't you show it then, start with an Hello and and maybe even a thank-you!"
  • "Then why don't we have a voice and be listened to?"
  • "Then why is there so much friction with the management here?"
  • and we could go on, you get the picture.

Our Approach to the Art of Enabling People

The thing is, people are at once the most amazing, disappointing, easy, difficult, complicated, straight forward, maddening, inspiring entities around, and getting it right with people takes a kind of genius few of us have.

In People and the Organisation, we will go about things in a different way, you can find dozens of self-help gurus with lots to say on "The art of .... and how to....". Proceed with caution! Instead, here we'll try and be very practical, and you'll have to fill the gaps yourself. We don't have all the answers, but who does?

Our foundation will be acknowledging the root cause obstacles that all businesses face, which have roots in people. They are:

  • The failure of the business leaders to grow with the business
  • The failure of business leaders to actually lead
  • The failure of business leaders in not creating the right structures to support them, and not attracting great people into these teams
  • The inability of business leaders to differentiate between delegate and abdicate!
  • The failure of businesses to understand what they ARE good at, what they SHOULD be good at, and what they MUST be great at

By keeping in mind what we don't want to see materialise in our business, then we can build on our natural strengths and we'll have less pontificating on how you need to do this and that!

So we deal with the Value Chain, making sure we think carefully about what the business core functions are, making sure functional accountability exists, making sure processes are mapped and that all of this ties back to the income statement.We'll understand what structure we need, how to build scale, what key competencies we need and those that we can outsource or secure through joint ventures. We'll question what we hire people for, and what kind of people you want in your business.


We are re-packaging everything here, so please contact us if there is something you need urgently