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Spark's Turnaround & Remediation Approach

We Coach for Growth - Personal Growth & Business Growth

There's no predefined order of coaching session subjects, we cover in detail:

We are not bound to only these domains, and can explore other topics if circumstances demand, for example:

  • Business Process Engineering and the LEAN methodology
  • Gamification -it's application in your business - from Product Launches to Compliance Training
  • Additional Strategy - Game Theory and Scenario Planning

You'll be offered the opportunity to conduct a coaching session of your own, we'll look at things in different ways from the way you use your Income Statement, to the ways you think about incentives. Your business and its competitors, your work colleagues and family, should all sense the difference.

The Coaching Journey

We've separated the journey into stages that we coach, each of which builds on the other and some of which should occur in parallel. We coach in incremental steps dealing with real problems, but keeping an eye on the end goal. We avoid platitudes, we won't coach you on visualising "winning", but we will coach you through the steps that get you to your goal. We are firmly rooted in the practical and reasonably flexible, as the sessions we coach must remain relevant to you. This is less a path you follow than a journey you go on.

Business Coaching of Strategy & Planning, Cash & Value Management

We start with the basics, which will surprise you as being Strategy and Planning, and Cash & Value Management. Consider this, could a sufficiently powerful computer or AI, with no personality, just pure emotionless logic come up with a game changing strategy? Could this "thing" navigate the finances and understand where value was being destroyed and how best to generate value? Conceivably yes! hence our first module - The Basics.

Business Coaching on Personal Development, Leadership, People & Your Organisation

Now could this same automaton motivate, inspire, and get the folk within the business to follow a noble purpose? Perhaps, but you should concede this would demand a significant level of complexity in this automaton.

The point is that leadership of people requires a different sort of intelligence, too often under-estimated and under-appreciated. Although they hate to admit it, well managed consultants should be treated no differently to a gardening or lawn service. They don't come in and landscape, they do what they are told to do, the basics and when finished report back for further instructions, like automatons. You, the leadership direct, navigate, orchestrate, motivate, and inspire, you go Beyond the basics.

Business Coaching for Reliable Execution, Habits & Behaviors and Alignment

Where is the delivery, the execution, the conversion of idea and thought and vision into something tangible? This is the true differentiating factor, but only when built upon a foundation of solid thinking, and leadership. Thought without execution is merely "wheel-spinning", and the engine will burn out. Execution without Leadership and Strategy, is aimless chaos. Thus our final module in this cycle is Execution, reliable execution - The Differentiator.

The next layer of Complexity - Common Obstacles

You should agree that these competencies of Thinking, and understanding, leading People and Reliably Executing, are necessary for any business regardless of its size, industry or stage in its life cycle. Then what are those attributes of growth and size that we must understand and manage? What pitfalls must we avoid? Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Let's try our best not to! But how? The three common and high level problems all businesses face at some time, especially those in a growth phase are:

  • The need for the executive team to grow as leaders especially in their abilities to delegate and build effective teams.
  • The need for systems and structures to handle the complexity that comes with growth and size.
  • The ability to navigate the increasingly tricky market dynamics as success marks arrival in a competitively aware marketplace.

We deal with this as a matter of course, as every business has its own timing to these growth challenges, and will face them sooner or later.

Business Coaching to set priorities - Discovery, Decisions and Focus

Finally we get to where we initiate the process. There is always too much to do, but there is also always a critical path and a sensible way of proceeding. We can't do everything at once, and focus is required. So we start off with discovery and making decisions on what to tackle first.