Client Profiles

Although we have worked at places such as eBay, Ford, Barclays and other large corporates, we intentionally and by design devote our focus and energy to small & medium sized enterprises. The real requirements hinge on us making a good inter-personal connection, and nearly always this is where we observe a sense of Curiosity, a balanced Risk appetite, abundant Energy, Adaptability and a need for Meaning.   

Spark! is the place you will find all the help you need if you are the owner or accountable executive of an established Small or Medium sized enterprise needing any of a variety of problems solved. We should have a chat if you empathize with any of the following:

  • You might be an entrepreneur who has succeeded with a start-up and now has ambitions of growth, but who feels nervous of the future and how best to go about this next stage in the life of your business.

  • Perhaps your business has rocketed along seeing growth you never ever dreamed of. Surprisingly, this success has not brought stability and confidence in the future, but more stress and less control. You cannot afford to be away from the business ever or things might fall apart, you fear.

  • Your business has engaged with a 3rd party service provider (an IT Vendor implementing a system, Business Strategists, or maybe Process Engineers), and discovered that you are not getting what you expected. This needs resolution amicably and quickly.

  • You have recently realised what you always suspected. You are alone in a hostile world, with nobody understanding your worries and fears, nobody with whom to discuss and plan how to navigate your business through an uncertain future. You can't show it but you are becoming that stressed out soul, fearful and fed-up of the next call from the bank's credit department, seeking clarification on loan repayments. You feel caged in with nowhere to turn.

  • You could be a small or medium sized business owner or senior manager who struggles to remember when last you had fun, does not seem to have time for other things in life and knows you need things in the business to change, but don't know quite what to do and in what order.

  • Perhaps you are an owner of a business that you have nurtured yet from which you now wish to exit. However you are struggling to find the right buyer at the right price.

  • Maybe you are a new owner or even a family member, assuming the responsibilities of the business, and uncertain just of how to go about your first months as you take ownership of the business and leadership transfers to you.

  • You might be the potential new owner, with some worries over certain aspects of some business that you wish to acquire or buy into. You need an objective 3rd party not influenced by fees or commission with whom you can discuss things and have an balanced insightful discussion to address these concerns.

  • A successful entrepreneur who has created a company and grown it but feels that the energy and skills which made you successful with the start-up are not sufficient to get the business through its next stage, you've looked at all the business schools and what they have to offer, but they are too expensive, too inflexible and not suitable for someone who needs to work at their own pace and has many pressing responsibilities.

If you are any of these people, then you have come to the right place, and if we cannot help you, we will make a best effort to direct you to those who might be able to do so.