Rates and Fees

We look at fees as a balance between willingness to pay for value on the part of the client and a willingness to assume risk on our part.
We are confident in our own skills, and our own methodology, but results our contingent on the client devoting the required time and energy to the programme. So we are flexible and willing to take on a certain amount of risk. That being said, although 20% of our time is allocated pro-bono, our own instances of frustration occur when clients do not commit properly to the work required. This usually occurs when we are not charging commensurately for our materials, insights, experience and efforts.
We have these broad pricing and fee models:

  1. Fit to Risk - where payment is delayed and risk is shared based on certain deliverable and milestones;.

  2. Fit to Purpose - where payment is based on the intensity of what is required. For example, an unhurried coaching programme is very different to an crisis business rescue.

  3. Fit to Capacity - where frequency of interaction drives the costs.

  4. Goodwill - if we have the time, and something needs to be done and we can help, we'll get it done.

  5. Sweat for equity.

In addition, we sometimes build in penalties, primarily to benefit our clients. If we don't live up to the behaviours in our brand promise. ie Failure to deliver, poor quality work, sloppy time-keeping can incur significant fee discounts!
If we are not having the impact we expect and which we demand of ourselves, then we would rather not invoice and instead terminate the arrangement and refer the client to someone better suited to help achieve their goals.
We have no penalties for termination by the client, this can be done on 24hr notice.