Practice what you preach

Some people will sell you something they would never buy themselves. Likewise some people will coach you on things they have never used themselves, where THEY were never accountable for an Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Well that's not us!
Every part of our tool-set has been used previously in one guise or another on a range of businesses, some local, some international.  We have made our mistakes and learned from these and now our clients benefits from 20years of learning and applying what we will work with you on. In terms of our Leadership material, our product is a synthesis of what we studied at business school and went through ourselves on various Talent and Leadership programmes, which we were fortunate enough to be selected for.

Below is a list of some of our places of learning, failure and success.

  • Ford Motor Company

  • INSEAD and the Wharton Business School

  • Barclays Banking

  • Mutual & Federal Insurance

  • eBay 

  • Altran Technologies

  • Accenture 

Where we have discovered something simpler or better we have adopted that, but that does not change the fact that the underlying issue being addressed is a problem we have faced before. A good example of this is some of the material from Verne Harnish's Gazelles organisation, a great international organisation devoted to coaching SMEs to success.

Lastly, we devote our energies to our own SME interests. Please enquire about these companies if you would like more detail on this SME which has clients in 11 different countries and pursues innovation via a scaleable business model.