Our Core Coaching Philosophy

We think it's important to share with you our business philosophy, this will set the context for how we engage and help solve problems with you. Here are 3 statements of principle.

Principle 1

At the heart of the matter, three fundamental barriers to success are common to all growing firms:

  • The need for the executive team to grow as leaders especially in their abilities to delegate and build effective teams.

  • The need for systems and structures to handle the complexity that comes with growth and size.

  • The ability to navigate the increasingly tricky market dynamics as success marks arrival in a competitively aware marketplace;

It can be argued that some of the technology can be outsourced, but most of where the value is added can only be driven and implemented by the business itself. Each of these issues usually distill into a combination of the following broad domains, People, Execution, Cash Management and Strategy, none of which a business should consider outsourcing or even being designed or implemented on their behalf.

Principle 2

Many "interventions" or change & strategy programmes fail. This need not be the case and our coaching/consulting approach is the most effective way to remedy this. Our approach thus never has call for any of the following excuses:

  • There was no knowledge transfer to the business

  • There was not enough involvement from the business

  • The changes were implemented but not embedded in the business and made operational

  • There was no real buy-in from the business

  • Our scope and mandate was not to implement

  • We ran out of time

Our model is based on a unique blend of coaching and consulting. We provide a knowledge base which we tailor for the unique needs of each business and coach the business through their effective use. We do not make money out of deploying "resources" onto a project for short-term benefits but with long term sustainability consequences. In each case, where we introduce a way to tackle a problem or to look at it, we make sure that the base rationale is understood, the idea sold, and then the knowledge transferred as we coach the business itself in the appropriate and proper use of the tool. We do lots of Quality Assessment with real and meaningful feedback.

Principle 3

Lastly, the technical aspects of running a business are necessary yet insufficient for success to be guaranteed. The key criterion for success is not resources (time, money, skills, people etc) but resourcefulness! This is both an attitude and a cultural meme, and born from the active, present, purpose driven, custodial leadership within a business. (That's a mouthful!!) We can look at it quite simply by asking: "What is it that your imagined worst nightmare competitor has and is, that you are not, yet should be?"  If the answers are as follows or something like these (which they nearly almost always are!):

  • They have fantastic systems supporting world class processes

  • They hire clever people

  • They have strong strategic relationships

  • They have a great brand

  • They have loyal customers who love their great products/services

  • They have a strong balance sheet

  • etc, etc

Then we think you are mistaken!! All of these are transient and are all outcomes of a deeper business quality. What your imagined worse nightmare competitor has is encapsulated in the following seemingly innocuous statement. "They have the Right People, doing the Right Things, the Right Way, for the Right Reason, all fully engaged with a business growing within its means." On quiet reflection you will appreciate how much is accounted for in this statement. This should be the goal of every business, and takes time and effort and can never be attained by any other means than the conscious and committed dedication of the business executive team. This is where the coach/consulting relationship we invest in is without comparison. This is why you should meet us. This is why we end up working with business owners predominantly, not through design, but merely because this long term and meaningful attitude resonates so profoundly with them.